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The Book of Labrysinthe

Liberté, Étrangeté, Fraternité

4 January
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What the hell is a "labrysinthe"? An amalgam of "labrys," a two-edged axe, "labyrinth" and "absinthe," with tinny overtones of "synth[esizer]" and whatnot. It's also the name of my solo electronic project. I also play keyboards and write music for Odalisque in Ashes, a new project that rikochan9 and I formed after Unto Ashes banished itself to the heartland. Also, I write speculative fiction (a fancy umbrella term for science fiction, fantasy and horror). My first novel The Mirror was recently published by Space & Time Books, and took an Honorable Mention in the 2008 London Book Festival.

Graduated from Oberlin in piano performance and music history, I lived in NYC until recently and just moved to Berlin, Germany where I'm producing electronic music and writing my second novel, Ambassador Orange, set in near-future London. It's from the perspective of a cross-dressing 17-year-old runaway who swindles passersby out of their money using hypnotic keywords he found in dreams.

I also love bikes. Here's why: my bike enables me to avoid both the U-Bahn and the gym. I cut my biking teeth on NYC, so Berlin traffic is benign in comparison.
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