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Leaping Puma


suppose everyone you knew died
or, worse,
everyone knew you died
and went on living without you

suppose you were breathing someone else's air
in a place overgrown with roses
your senses fading in and out
with your carefully timed inhalations
so first birdsong,
then wind chill
then the scent of roses is lost on you

are not
supposed to be here
no one
will know
when you are gone again.



(this is great.)


Pretty sad "poem" but... FEH!
~~~~~><3 you are loved, :P cut it out!
Still not ready for chapter 10 yet (seriously)
this is how darkness feels.
energy's gotta go somewhere, bro.
'express' usually > 'repress'
remember: 'what do you do with dark energies?'
it's important.