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Leaping Puma

the missing chapter

sitting in the middle of a fluffstorm at wendel on the corner of schlesische straße & falckensteinstraße. it's gotta be over 20°C (meaning: NICE) today. the blizzard o' cotton is from a really prolific tree, brand unknown, whose dream seems to be making lots and lots of baby trees just like it.

thing is, they ain't gonna grow on my purple hoodie. (i hope. though that'd be kind of cool, at least in the short run.) the tree's enthusiasm is just kinda disproportional to projected results. hey, sometimes, i know where the tree's coming from on that :D

yesterday was my first-year anniversary of coming to berlin.

somewhere along the line (oh yeah: october or november) i moved into a cramped little room and there, i ran out of blog juice. not fodder. been plenty of that. just kinda toxic-and-didn't-wanna-share fodder. so i don't know what to do about the eight-month missing chapter. i could tell you funny stuff about germany, like how

foreign countries...
...are where garbage cans look like mailboxes,
and your job as foreigner
is to wait months for the reply
from the inexplicably silent landfill,

or that Karl-Marx-Straße has the best shopping in Neukölln,

or i could simultaneously try to explain why life here is generally nicer than in New York even with a bureaucracy whose digestion is the slowest in the universe, rivaling the nasty spiked pit in Return of the Jedi.

don't even know if i'll play catch-up. haven't decided yet.

but in any case, i did GTFO of the cramped little room, and into a new place, same zip code, vastly different situation. got most of everything i need in there now (not bad for having had nothing a week ago in the way of kitchenware), with a few notable exceptions. one, still no hot water yet (took a freezing cold shower this morning, interesting combination of excruciating and invigourating -- the shampooing process gave me an ice cream headache). two, no internet at home for a while, takes forever here. so germany's wi-fi cafes are experiencing a windfall in caffe mocha orders while Freenet twiddles my DSL between its thumbs.

anyway, stay tuned, more to come.